Is ecommerce popular in Italy?

Ecommerce italy

Today a lot of people worldwide successfully make money on the Internet, and Italians are not exceptions in this case. Read this article and figure out what makes ecommerce activities in Italy so profitable.


Italy is not a small country since 60.60 million people live there. The total GDP of Italy is $1.86 trillion and it’s going to rise over the next few years. And as GDP reflects potential growth opportunities of the country’s economy, we may note that this country suits perfectly the ecommerce operations.

Ecommerce newcomers

The number of Italian Internet users engaged in ecommerce stands at 36 million people and increases every year. The fact that more than half of the country population purchases online confirms that there is a large target audience for those who conduct ecommerce activities in this country. Moreover, look at the total Italian revenues in the ecommerce market that amount to over $20 billion in 2019.

Regarding Internet usage, one should say that most Italians irrespective of their age log on daily. Even those who are over the age of 55 surf online stores. That’s why we may say for sure that the ecommerce target audience in Italy includes not only young people but also senior citizens.

Devices for online purchases

Speaking about the devices for making online purchases we can note that most Italians prefer to buy via desktops (87% of shoppers) rather than via smartphones (7% of shoppers) or tablets (3% of shoppers).

Transport system

Regarding transportation, Italy is a pretty good country for both international and domestic shipments. In the World Bank Logistics’ ranking, Italy is ranked 21st, and its logistics performance index is high enough to describe Italy as the country that is favorable for ecommerce in terms of logistics.

Preferred methods of payments

Almost 50% of Italians give preference to payments with PayPal when shopping online.

Exporting countries

There are several countries that can be considered as Italian key import partners. The main one is Germany. It provides a large number of products ranging from automobiles to petrochemicals that amount to almost $70 billion. Other Italian significant partners are France, China, Belgium, etc.

Spending on commercial

Italian spending on advertising is large enough since only paid search ad amounted to almost $1 billion last year.

Most popular social networks

The list of the most popular social networks includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, etc.

Product categories

The most desired products in Italy are related to the categories of Fashion and Electronics accounting almost $10 billion market share.

In this article, we have tried to demonstrate that ecommerce in Italy is growing rapidly. Italy is favorable in terms of logistics, target audience growth, economy prospects, and so on. Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities for the development of mobile shopping segment. All this means that Italy seems very attractive in terms of making money on ecommerce. If you live there and want to earn from online business, this is the high time to start doing it.

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