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It’s not a secret that European countries have been always characterized by the high level of digital technologies penetration into the everyday life of their citizens. This year Italy is hosting the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2019, on 10-11thof October. If you are somehow connected with digital technologies and interested in deepening your knowledge, here are the 4 reasons why you should visit this summit.

1)  Summit location: Bologna and Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna and Bologna are very interesting locations not only due to their cultural and historic heritage, famous Italian cuisine, sport cars, traditions, and so on. This region is also well-known thanks to its focus on innovation.

We may also note that Emilia Romagna comprises almost 10% of all Italian manufacturers, over 10% of all Italian expenditures on the Research & Development activities, and its GDP per capita is almost 20% higher than the average in the European Union.

2)  Digital development in the region

One more interesting fact about Emilia Romagna is that this region set a course for digital development more than 20 years ago. Nowadays due to the digital sector this region achieved the kind of success mentioned above. Moreover, the Digital Agenda of Emilia-Romagna fixed a target to achieve 100% digital development in the region by 2025. For the citizens of Emilia Romagna, it means that all the areas of life (study, work, entertainment, etc.) will be supported by certain digital technologies, and these technologies are expected to be available at any place and for everybody.

3)  Emilia Romagna Data Valley

One of the most important recent events in the region is the adoption of Emilia Romagna Data Valley draft. EU government allocated €20 million to this project. The new super computer that is going to be installed in Bologna is expected to support all the infrastructures throughout the EU. Furthermore, Emilia Romagna government adopted the law which is to attract talented specialists and private investments in the sector of new technologies.

4)   La Carovana STEM project

From the above mentioned information we found out that the digital development and overspread science are essential for the region. It is for that reason that the Carovana STEM project is carried out in the region. It is expected to combat gender gap in digital education. This question is also going to be discussed at the summit.

So, in this article we have tried to highlight some of the main reasons for you to visit digital summit in Italy. Since Italy is one of the key countries in the sphere of digital development, this event can offer you a number of opportunities to grow professionally. It means that if you want to get unforgettable experience which lets you discover new horizons, meet new people, become a part of Italian digital development team, and just visit a country with a rich culture and historical legacy, this summit is a great chance for you to succeed in the area of digital technologies.

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